Message from the president

The aim is overseas expansion.      Since 1991, our company has started as integrated factory of plating and cutting-work.
     We have the basic philosophy of technique, confidence, and creation, and then set ourself the goal of becoming the world-class operaying company.  The members of plating and cutting-work, buckle to acquire technologies to become Meister.
     Also, after the Support Industry Program had been adopted in 2012, we newly set up the laboratory office.  And then, the development members consisting on college grad, make a strong effort to developing technologies, and aim to become Doctor too.  By synergy of Meister's technique and Doctor's development capability, we aim to expand overseas not only at home but also mainly in Asia, as the maker of component manufacturing the unique technologies.
                        ko-a Co. Ltd.      P. Keisuke Shiina

Our company

Company profile                        At June, 2015

Company name       ko-a Co. Ltd.
President       Keisuke Shiina
Founded       June 1998
Capital       14 million yen
Employees       29
Head Quarters       1-4-2 Kanda, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori Pref 036-8061, JAPAN
TEL       +81-172-36-3170
FAX       +81-172-36-3171
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Company history

May 1991   The factory of ko-a Precious Metal Craft in Hirosaki began operation.
February 1998   ko-a Co. Ltd. was established for establishing basic technique of plating and machining.
2003   The factory in Hirosaki was separated from ko-a Precious Metal Craft, and then the factory became
  ko-a Co. Ltd.
December 2003   Get the authentication of Environmental Management System (KES).
January 2005   Get the authentication of ISO 9001 (ver. fiscal 2008).
June 2009   The capital of our company was increased to 10 millionn yen.
January 2014   Get the authentication of ISO 14001 (ver. fiscal 2004).
January 2014   The capital of our company was increased to 14 millionn yen.
March 2016   Get the authentication of ISO 14001 and 9001 (ver. fiscal 2015).
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Business partner

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